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If you're interested, you can read the story of TETRHEX.

TETRHEX is a Tetris-like or Columns-like game being played on a board with hexagonal cells. It was initially shareware, but since 2015-05-03, I have redistributed it under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. Contrary to most games, the user can adapt the game according to his own preferences, either by modifying existing rules or creating his own rules (so that you don't have one game, but in fact several games), or by adding routines written by himself or anyone else.

The current version of TETRHEX runs on the Atari Falcon 030 with any kind of color screen (VGA or RGB), and maybe on other Atari computers (or clones), having:

It is possible to use an emulator, but you will probably need the original Falcon TOS image (EmuTOS is known to have problems).

You can read the main features of the current version of TETRHEX (1.41), the existing rules and modules, and what the future versions could have contained.

The latest version: This is now the complete version, distributed with the source.

You can also read the history and get the original demo version (which should now be useless since you can get the complete version).

Main Features

Existing Rules

Note: the source of each rule is provided with the registered version, as well as the compiler. Thus it is very easy to modify the rules.

Kind of hexagonal Tetris. The pieces are composed of 4 hexagons. You have to fill lines (centred V-shaped), but you can also destroy all the hexagons with pieces containing bombs when you have enough bomb points, which is very useful when there are few lines left. This allows to take risks and increases the strategic interest of the game.
[Image of Tetrhex]
Easier version of Tetrhex, but less interesting.
Kind of hexagonal Columns, with 5 kinds of special hexagons.

Existing Modules

The modules are provided only with the registered version.

Note: the partially commented assembly sources are provided; they are in the Assemble format (but it is easy to port them for another assembler).

Test module; useless except if you want to write your own modules (it can be used as an example).
Rule file mini-debugger.
Display Sun Raster 24-bit images at the background.
Play with a joypad. Thanks to Redwood, who have lent me a joypad for a few days so that I could test and debug this module.

The Future...

Here's what could be written for the version 1 (unfortunately, I don't have enough free time to add new features to this version):

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