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Sipe is a mini-library in the form of a C header file, to perform radix-2 floating-point computations in very low precisions with correct rounding. By default, rounding is done to nearest (with the even rounding rule). As of 2013-09, rounding can be done toward zero; the user can choose the rounding direction only at compile time.

The goal of such a tool is to do proofs of algorithms/properties or computations of tight error bounds in these precisions by exhaustive tests, in order to generalize them to higher precisions. The currently supported operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication (possibly with the error term), FMA/FMS (optional, see code), and miscellaneous comparisons and conversions.

Sipe originally meant Small Integer Plus Exponent due to the way it was implemented, but this is no longer the only implementation.


Source file (development version): sipe.h

A short documentation is at the beginning of the file.

Archived versions:

Examples of programs using Sipe