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File Formats of my Publications and Slides

This page gives some information concerning the formats of the electronic versions of my publications and slides. Explanations are sometimes technical.

HTTP Content Negotiation

My publications and slides are available in postscript (compressed with gzip) and/or in PDF. For my publications available in both formats, the format chosen for the main link will be obtained by HTTP negotiation, according to the preferences declared by your browser (in the Accept HTTP header). So, remember to configure your browser according to your preferences, if it allows it! For Mozilla (and Firefox?), you can open the about:config URL and modify the value of network.http.accept.default (see the documentation of the Apache server). You can also directly choose the format you want using the alternative links below the publication description. Note: there is no HTTP negotiation for my slides.

Old Publications

The documents stored on my site are available in both formats, except some old publications, which are in postscript with bitmap fonts; a conversion into PDF would have a bad quality. I have heard that this was a problem for Microsoft Windows users. Sorry.

Viewer gv under Unix/Linux

If you are under Unix/Linux, note that the postscript/PDF viewer gv has a few problems. First, it is very strict on the structure of postscript files (technically, the DSC comments), and some files may be processed incorrectly; the other viewers I know have no problems, and when printing, the DSC comments are ignored anyway. I had to add a missing DSC comment to the postscript file of my PhD thesis available on my site (only!), otherwise gv displayed only the first 54 pages (on 148). Moreover gv truncates the PDF slides (because of an orientation problem). Therefore I recommend the use of another viewer.